Jay S. Fleischman

I have been a consumer protection lawyer since 1995, helping thousands of people end their bill problems. My practice covers all of Los Angeles County as well as New York City.

When it comes to getting you our of debt, there’s no single solution that works for everyone. In fact, the same solution doesn’t even work the same way for people in difference places.  For example, someone living in New York City doesn’t need a car – but tell someone in Los Angeles that they need to take the bus and it’s a different story.

That’s why I look at the big picture. My practice includes:

I’m a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys as well as of the National Association of Consumer Advocates. I was also the New York State Chairperson of NACBA for six years before relocating to the Los Angeles area.

I’m currently a member of the Central District of California Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Association as well as the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

In addition, I’m a co-founder and two-time President of the Bankruptcy Law Network.

I’m admitted to practice law in New York as well as in California.  In New York, my practice extends to the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island and Westchester County.  In California, I help people in the Los Angeles area.  If you’re in Northern California and need help, give Cathy Moran a call.

A Lawyer Who Teaches Other Lawyers.

Jay S. Fleischman

Information has no value unless it’s shared widely. Bankruptcy, student loan law and consumer credit are fields of law that touch our lives in many ways, but aren’t widely understood.

That’s why I pack a bag and get on a plane every few weeks to talk with another group of lawyers around the country.

The more lawyers who understand how to help people with bill problems, the better our society will be.

Want to see all the organizations who have called on me to teach other lawyers about the finer points of legal practice?  Here are just a few:

  • Central District of California Bankruptcy Attorneys Association
  • Chapter 13 Trustee Brown Bag Seminar
  • Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Boot Camp
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Boot Camp
  • Federal Bar Association
  • King County Bar Association
  • Oklahoma Bar Association
  • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • National Association of Consumer Advocates
  • Maryland Institute of Continuing Professional Education for Lawyers
  • New York City Bar Association

About My Track Record.

My clients know they can count on me to take on the toughest cases, and to work to get the results the deserve. In the New York bankruptcy cases of Torres v. Chase Bank USA, NARussell v. Chase Bank USA, NA and Gilyard-McKenzie v. HSBC Bank USA, NA the courts agreed with me that my clients had the right to have their credit reports properly updated.

These decisions weren’t big – they were huge. In fact, these decisions represented the first time the bankruptcy courts had laid out such a comprehensive roadmap for creditors to follow in the future. I like to think that I saved people a lot of time and headache by virtue of these landmark decisions.

How do I do it?  By understanding not only the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, but all the other laws that impact consumers – the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Truth In Lending Act, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, and more.

Every year I spend countless weeks in conference halls, listening to and learning from the greatest legal minds from around the country.  I take the best advice, the strongest tactics and the most convincing arguments and adapt them to my clients’ needs.

After all, learning never ends – the law changes every day, and my job is to make sure I’m on top of new developments.

My days are filled with reviewing hundreds of new court decisions and speaking with experts from around the country.  If I don’t know about a new legal development it could cost my client their case – and that’s just not acceptable.

How I Work.

photoI do not work from a typical office. In fact, most of the time I’m working from home or a remote location. My dog (he’s over on the right side of this page) is usually just a few feet away, snoozing happily.

With the way technology works these days, it really doesn’t matter.  I’ve got my phone, my computer, my files and everything I need to get the job done for you.

You’ll never have to be inconvenienced with a trip to my office.  When we meet it will be by phone or online, so you can meet with me when you’re at home, at work, or on the way to pick up the kids from school.

Part of my team is sitting in the office, but most of them are scattered around the country, coming together to work on projects that call for specialized attention. Shaev & Fleischman, LLP is completely paperless, which means I can access any and all files at the touch of a button.

Phone system, faxes, voice mail all follows me anywhere I go, which makes me mobile. It lets me work smarter – and harder – for my clients.

Working with me is a partnership.  I do the technical work, but you’re going to be responsible for giving me a lot of information and doing your part to make this work for you.

I take on cases only when I know I can trust you to do your fair share.  Because if I have to spend my time chasing after you then I can’t do a good job for you.  And I only do a job if I can do it right.

What Next?

Contact me by email, phone, Skype, Google Talk, Twitter, Facebook … whatever works best for you.  Or call me during regular business hours.  Whatever works for you is fine by me.

When you contact me you’ll get a link to set up an appointment to talk over the phone.  We’ll map out a plan of action, figure out how I can help you, and decide if we’re going to work together.  And I won’t charge you a dime until we decide if we’re going to work together.

No cost, no obligation, no worries.  Drop me a line or give me a call.

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