Student Loan Defaults Plague The Wealthy, Too

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When you think about the student loan crisis, your mind conjures up images of twenty-somethings working at Starbucks. What you don't see, however, are the hundreds of thousands of hard-working professionals who pull in comfortable salaries yet live in fear of their student loans. Confused about how such a thing could possibly happen, and why those with deep pockets aren't always on top of their student loan payments? Consider this: most people do not graduate from school with high-paying ...

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Court To Wells Fargo – OK To Freeze Accounts Of Chapter 7 Debtors

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If you're filing for bankruptcy, move your money out of Wells Fargo before you file - even if you don't owe them any money. It's long been the practice of Wells Fargo to place what they call a "temporary administrative pledge" on bank accounts when the account holder files for bankruptcy. At that point, Wells Fargo will contact the Chapter 7 trustee to determine whether the funds are exempt or should be turned over to the trustee. If the trustee tells Wells Fargo that the funds are exempt ...

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How A California Private Student Loan Judgment Is Enforced


Editor's Note: Each state has different laws when it comes to enforcement of money judgments, including those relating to private student loans. This article works with the laws of the State of California; if you live anywhere else, talk with a lawyer in your state about your individual situation. After the private student loan lawsuit comes the judgment. For California residents, this could be better or worse - depending on your situation. We've talked about why a student loan lawsuit may ...

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The Tao Of Being Sued For A Private Student Loan

Tao of private student loan lawsuits

Until a private student loan lender decides to file a lawsuit against you, there's nothing but chaos and uncertainty. That's all replaced, for better or worse, the instant the case is filed. There's a natural order to things. Up is above, and down is below. For every day there is night. That's the concept of Tao, and it enables us to walk through the world with a sense of certainty. That certainty, unfortunately, is thrown out the window when it comes to dealing with a past due private ...

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Win A Debt Collection Lawsuit Using These 2 Magic Words

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Did you know that two magic words can help you defend - and possibly win - a collection lawsuit? Whether you're being sued for a private student loan, a credit card debt gone bad, or a bank loan it's unbelievable that the lender or debt buyer can be scared off so easily. At least, that's the sense Ira Glass gives in the prologue to the episode of This American Life that aired on August 15, 2014. Relaying a story by Jake Halpern, Glass tells of a Georgia couple who had fallen on hard times. ...

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6 Things That Won’t Happen When You Get Out Of Debt (And 1 Thing That Will)

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There are things I haven't told you about the world after you get out of debt. That nobody else has told you is at once a source of vindication and shame. I'm not the only one who's left out the tidbits, so that's good - but someone should have clued you in. Rather than let it drag on even longer, I thought I'd give you a quick rundown. This way you'll never again be able to point your finger at me and claim I was somehow untruthful. You won't be better looking. When you get out of ...

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