The Investing in Student Success Act – A Dangerous Idea

The Investing in Student Success Act

A new measure proposed by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) calls for employers to help fund higher education through so-called income share agreements. Under these agreements, as discussed in The Investing in Student Success Act, the employer would fund someone's education in exchange for a percentage of the employee's income for a set period of time after graduation. It all stems from an idea put forth by the economist Milton Friedman about 60 years ago - at a time when jobs were plentiful, ...

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Why A Student Loan Lawsuit May Be Good News

student loan lawsuit good news

If you're behind on your private student loans, being sued may be the best thing to happen to you. The client called in a panic, looking for a lawyer to defend a student loan lawsuit that she'd received the previous evening. $78,000 due as a result of a failed attempt to get through graduate school, the amount was laughable for someone barely making ends meet in Los Angeles. She needed help, and fast. Her anxiety and fear was palpable. By the end of our consultation, the client was ...

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6 Critical Traits You Should Demand From Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

expect more from your bankruptcy lawyer

Beyond experience, what should you look for in a bankruptcy lawyer? When I first started practicing bankruptcy law, my clients didn't seem to know what to expect of me. They told me stories of meeting with other bankruptcy attorneys in their quest to get some help, and what they'd experienced. First there was the story of the attorney who had put his desk on a thick concrete slab so he could look down on his clients. Then there was the one another the lawyer who stared at his ...

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12 Steps To Beating Private Student Loan Companies At Their Own Game

beat private student lenders

You probably think you'll be dealing with your private student loan debt for the rest of your life. Before I began to practice in the field of student loan law, I would have agreed with you. And even now - after having done this work for awhile - sometimes I know it feels hopeless. And if you don't start playing by a different set of rules, you're correct in thinking that private student loans are a financial death sentence. But turn the tables on the private student loan companies ...

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Why I’m Not The Cheapest Bankruptcy Lawyer (And What Happened When I Was)

cheap bankruptcy lawyer

The most dangerous thing you can do when hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is to go with the least expensive one. When I first open my law firm and started to practice bankruptcy law, I figured it would be a good idea to charge less than anyone else in town. I called around to every lawyer's office, found out what they charged, and set my legal fees $50 below the cheapest one in the city. In doing so, my thinking went, I could undercut the market and get all the clients. What could possibly ...

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10 Things You Should Stop Doing Before Your Bankruptcy Case Is Filed

mistakes before filing bankruptcy

Want to make your bankruptcy case smoother? If you're thinking about bankruptcy, there's a good chance you've never been through the process before. In fact, most of the people who look into bankruptcy are going through this for the first and only time in their lives. That's good and bad. It's good because it means that most people use their bankruptcy case as the starting point for a new, better financial future. But it's bad because more of my clients are walking into unfamiliar ...

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