Win A Debt Collection Lawsuit Using These 2 Magic Words

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Did you know that two magic words can help you defend - and possibly win - a collection lawsuit? Whether you're being sued for a private student loan, a credit card debt gone bad, or a bank loan it's unbelievable that the lender or debt buyer can be scared off so easily. At least, that's the sense Ira Glass gives in the prologue to the episode of This American Life that aired on August 15, 2014. Relaying a story by Jake Halpern, Glass tells of a Georgia couple who had fallen on hard times. ...

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6 Things That Won’t Happen When You Get Out Of Debt (And 1 Thing That Will)

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There are things I haven't told you about the world after you get out of debt. That nobody else has told you is at once a source of vindication and shame. I'm not the only one who's left out the tidbits, so that's good - but someone should have clued you in. Rather than let it drag on even longer, I thought I'd give you a quick rundown. This way you'll never again be able to point your finger at me and claim I was somehow untruthful. You won't be better looking. When you get out of ...

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Sued For A Student Loan? Here Are 2 Steps To Dramatically Improve Your Odds Of Winning.

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Who wouldn't want to win a student loan lawsuit? If you're being on your student loans, you're at constant risk of being sued. And if you're sued, you stand an excellent chance of losing the case. But not for the reason you think. Why Most People Lose When Sued For A Student Loan Law firms that sue for past due student loans do so in the hopes that you won't file a response to the case. If that happens, the law firm will be able to get a default judgment against you and seize a portion ...

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Will Bankruptcy Automatically Wipe Out That Student Loan?

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Bankruptcy won't wipe out a student loan without some additional work. Unless it's not a student loan at all. If you're dealing with student loan debt, you probably already know that they are usually exempt from discharge in a bankruptcy case. In fact, getting your student loans wiped out in bankruptcy requires an additional determination by the judge. But what if the loan you consider to be your student loan ... isn't one at all? How Student Loans Are Treated In Bankruptcy When you file ...

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How To Stop Garnishment Of Wages For Federal Student Loans

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If you've fallen behind on your student loans, you may be at risk for wage garnishment. Here are some tips on how to avoid garnishment and get back on track. When you default on your federal student loans, the government can begin an administrative wage garnishment without a judgment from a court. Under federal regulations, the government can take 15% of your disposable pay. You can, however, protect wages in an amount equal to 30 times the minimum wage. In order for the government to ...

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How We’re Letting The Student Loan Bully Win (And What To Do Instead)

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When it comes to the issue of wiping out student loans, everyone acts like a kid who gets his lunch money taken each day by the school bully. Whenever someone calls a bankruptcy lawyer and mentions student loans, the response they usually get is a long sigh followed by, "we can't really do anything about those. Sorry, but bankruptcy won't help with your student loan problems." The borrower accepts this statement at face value, and continues to be the victim of a student loan system gone ...

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