The Bible on Debt and The Morality of Bankruptcy

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Let’s talk about the morality of being in – and being unable to get out of – debt.

There’s no clause in a credit card contract that speaks to morality or ethics. There are bad people who

4 Surprising Changes You’ll See After Bankruptcy

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What does life feel like after bankruptcy?

When you file for bankruptcy, it’s usually because there’s no better option for you to get your finances under control. Your credit’s shot, your phone’s ringing off the hook

The Inside Scoop on Your Credit Report

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You’ve been told time and time again the your credit report is an important part of your financial life. You’re bombarded with messages telling you to check your credit report regularly so you can be

Corinthian Found Guilty of Deceiving Students, Paving the Way for Loan Forgiveness

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Judge Gary Feinerman of U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on Wednesday ordered Corinthian Colleges to pay $531 million to former students of Everest, WyoTech and Heald for deceiving students about potential career

The Ultimate Guide to The Bankruptcy Discharge

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When you’re in debt, the last thing you want to do is file for bankruptcy. Between the costs and the general stress of having to confront the stunning realization that you’ve got nowhere left to

How to Get the Federal Government to Pay Your Student Loans

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You’ve heard about certain jobs that allow you to qualify for student loan forgiveness after a period of repayment. But how about just having the federal government pay your federal student loans for you?

No joke.

Get Organized To Keep on Top of Student Loan Payments

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People have no idea how much they owe on their student loans, and that’s a major reason why default rates as so high.

A December 2014 study released by the Brown Center on Education Policy at Brookings

6 Steps to Preventing a Default Judgment

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When you’re served with a lawsuit for a credit card or other consumer debt, you’re like a deer frozen in the headlights. Maybe you don’t realize you’re being sued. Perhaps you don’t think there’s anything

Lessons From the Chase Bank Credit Card Robosigning Scandal

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Chase Bank agreed in July 2015 to pay more than $200 million to settle claims made by 48 states as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that it sold faulty credit card debts to third-party collectors.

Understanding what

What Are the True Costs of Filing for Bankruptcy?

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No one expects to be over their head in debt and thinking about bankruptcy. But sometimes there’s no other way out of your debt problems, and the only way to get your financial house in