Would You Fight Ronda Rousey for a Frappuccino?

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There comes a time when you start looking at picking up extra jobs to improve your financial situation.

For example, Megan Fox used to dress up as a banana. Whoopi Goldberg did time as a phone

Government Report Reveals Widespread Student Loan Servicing Problems

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Talk to people with federal student loans and it’s unlikely that you’ll hear praise for companies responsible for overseeing their loans. Now a report issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau confirms what many borrowers have

How Digit Can Help You Effortlessly Grow Your Savings Account

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You know the best way to avoid debt is to have money in your savings account. But it feels impossible to fund a savings account when you’re barely making ends meet.

I know how it feels

5 Reasons To Embrace Income Based Student Loan Repayment Options

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If you’ve got federal student loan debt, making the monthly payments can feel like an exercise in futility. With low post-graduate incomes relative to the amount of debt they carry, it’s no wonder.

The average class

We’ve Been Having the Wrong Conversation About Your Money

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I’ve had this nagging though rattling around in my head for the past few years – the thought that you’re not getting the right conversation when we talk about your personal financial situation.

Yes, you’re in

How To Handle Collectors Who Call After Bankruptcy

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When you file a bankruptcy case, your creditors must stop calling you. If you are careful to give creditors notice at the right place, you can make them stop bothering you. And if they don't you can make them pay dearly.

New Student Loan Tool Reveals Earnings and Repayment Data

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Choosing a college just got a little easier, thanks to a revamped government tool that provides information on what former students of each school might earn, how much debt they leave with, and what percentage

13 Horrifying Facts About Midland Funding You Need To Know

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On September 9, 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau entered into a Consent Order with Encore Capital Group as well the companies it owns –  Midland Funding, Midland Credit Management, and Asset Acceptance Capital – to

Income Share Agreements, and Their Role in Higher Education Inequality

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Imagine you’re going into college and staring at a bill for $25,000 for tuition and assorted other fees for your first year of school.

You’ve got two ways to pay the bill. You can take out

10 Steps To Take If You’re Sued For A Credit Card Debt

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The doorbell rings, and there’s a strange guy standing there. He asks for you by name, hands you some documents, and walks away.

Congratulations, you’re being sued.

It’s a story that plays out thousands of times a