Your Consultation Fee Is Paid – Now What?

Thanks for making your payment. Here’s what else you need to do.

Your student loan consultation is going to involve a full review of your federal and private student loan debt, as well as of your entire financial situation. The goal is to analyze your income and debts to come up with a plan of attack that will help ease the financial burden.

We’ll spend about an hour together, and by the end of our time you’ll have a clear picture of all of your options and the ways in which I may be able to help you.

Gather Your Documents

In order for me to analyze your situation, you’re going to need to have some documents at the ready. Please gather up all of the following:

    • 2016 federal income tax return with all W-2 and 1099 forms;
    • your four (4) most recent pay stubs, if you’re employed;
    • the balances due on all of your private student loans.

You may decide that you want to have a copy of your credit report, but it’s not necessary unless you don’t have a handle on all of your debts.

If you want to get a credit report, you can go to to get a free one (you have the right to a free credit report once a year).

Please be sure to have your documents organized; I’m sure you’d rather spend our time together productively rather than rifling through papers to find information.

Call Into the Conference Line On Time

Please dial into my conference line at 888-601-7218 and use 02143 as your PIN number. Remember to be on time and have all of your documents and information in front of you when you call in.

If you’re late, the time will be deducted from the time available for us to talk.

Our call will be recorded, and you can get a copy of the mp3 audio file once the call is completed. This will allow you to spend your time getting your questions answered rather than taking notes.

I’m Looking Forward To Giving You The Answers You Need

I know this is a tough time, and you’re looking for answers on how to make things better.

I promise I’ll do my very best to help you get through this, and to give you an idea of all of your options for solving your student loan problems.

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