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We offer smart solutions to your bill problems. That means when you talk with one of our lawyers you may end up learning about every available option – including not only bankruptcy bu also the things we don’t do.

That’s because we realize not every person living in New York or the Los Angeles needs a bankruptcy lawyer.  Or an attorney to sue a debt collector.  In fact, many don’t need us at all.  That’s OK with us.

In fact, we often say we’d love to be put out of business due to lack of need. Los Angeles should be a debt-free zone.  New York City should be forced to close the bankruptcy court because it’s unused.

We don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon, but we’re all entitled to dream little.

Here are some of the things we do for people in New York and the Los Angeles area:

We sue bill collectors who cross the line between legal debt collection and outright harassment and abuse. Yes, there are federal and state laws that protect you from that sort of thing – even if you owe the money.

We help you get relief from student loans – include administrative wage garnishment – using various federal and private remedies. That includes extended repayment options, income-based repayment plans, loan rehabilitation and administrative discharges.

We sue credit reporting agencies and the companies that provide information about you for errors they refuse to correct.

We sue creditors, collection agencies, mortgage companies and car lenders for violations of your rights under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. If you’ve received any phone calls, letters or lawsuits about debts you listed in bankruptcy that’s illegal.

We help people file for bankruptcy in New York and the Los Angeles area.

We defend collection lawsuits.

We help people restructure their student loans so they can lower their payments and, in some cases, wipe out their student loan obligations altogether.

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Take the first step in getting answers to your questions by setting up a free, no-obligation phone consultation.  You can also give us a call at 866-787-8078 during normal business hours.

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