How Bankruptcy Can Restore A California Driver License Suspended For Child Support

How Bankruptcy Can Restore A California Driver License Suspended For Child Support

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california bankruptcy child support suspended licenseCalifornia is a state of drivers. For those with child support debts, bankruptcy may provide relief from a driver license suspension.

Child support obligations can be difficult to meet for even the wealthiest of people. When you’ve got a child, it’s your responsibility to help financially – but sometimes life takes a turn and you can’t make your obligations.

What happens next can be even more painful.

Child Support-Related License Suspension In California

The State License Suspension and Revocation Program, also known as the State Licensing Match System (SLMS), is the tool used by each of California’s county-based Child Support Services Departments to help collect past due child support.

Using this program, the county can deny, suspend, or revoke permanent state-issued driver, professional, business and recreational licenses of noncustodial parents (NCP) who owe past due child support and fail to comply with court orders to pay support.

Can Bankruptcy Help Release Your License?

Under California law, you’ve got to be in compliance with the child support order in order to get your license restored. Once of the ways you can do so is by making arrangements to pay the arrears.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy won’t wipe out your child support arrears, but you may be able to repay those child support obligations using a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Catch up on the back due child support, get your license reinstated, and get back on the road.

Getting Out Of Other Types Of Debt May Also Help

Though filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy won’t let you wipe out the child support debts, you may decide that discharging your other debts will help get you out of the financial hole.

Wiping out other debts may free up enough money for you to catch up on the child support arrears and stay on the right side of the law in the future.

Remember Who’s Important

Your children are more important than your credit card companies. Your creditor won’t grow up with hard feelings towards you for not making good on your child support obligations.

Keep it in perspective, do what you need to do in order to take care of your children, and your world will be a better place.

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