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Defeat LVNV Funding Lawsuits With These Magic Words

Being Sued for a Debt? Just Follow These 3 Steps: STEP 1: Enter your information below. STEP 2: Talk with one of our attorneys to review your options. STEP 3: Commit to a plan of attack. If a debt collector like LVNV Funding sues you for money, you may be able to win the case. You

Citigroup Being Investigated Over Student Loan Servicing Practices

Is It Smart to Use Bankruptcy to Buy Time on Student Loan Payments?

Department of Education Updates List of Troublesome Colleges

Education Department To Screw Married Student Loan Borrowers With New Payment Options

Navient and Sallie Mae – Same Thing, or Different?

Student Loans, Debtfare and the Poverty Industry

Student Debt Clock Shows Scary Growth In What We Owe

Department of Education Announces Debt Relief For Corinthian Colleges Students

Texas Court Rules Against Borrower In Student Loan Bankruptcy Discharge Case

Los Angeles Loses Discriminatory Lending Lawsuit To Bank of America

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