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10 Steps To Take If You’re Sued For A Credit Card Debt

To many people, falling behind on credit card payments means a ruined credit score and an endless string of calls and letters from collectors. If you let those calls and letters go unanswered for long enough, however, the credit card company may decide to file a lawsuit. These lawsuits, usually filed in state and local courts, are increasingly common and Read the article

Student Loans

Here’s When You Shouldn’t File for Bankruptcy to Discharge Your Student Loans

Contrary to news reports, there are times when you can wipe out student loans in a bankruptcy case. To do so, you're required to not only file for bankruptcy but also to file a separate lawsuit and prove that the Read the article

Corinthian Found Guilty of Deceiving Students, Paving the Way for Loan Forgiveness

Judge Gary Feinerman of U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on Wednesday ordered Corinthian Colleges to pay $531 million to former students of Everest, WyoTech and Heald for deceiving students about potential career prospects. The lawsuit, filed by the Read the article

How to Get the Federal Government to Pay Your Student Loans

You've heard about certain jobs that allow you to qualify for student loan forgiveness after a period of repayment. But how about just having the federal government pay your federal student loans for you? No joke. Under a little known Read the article

Government Report Reveals Widespread Student Loan Servicing Problems

Talk to people with federal student loans and it's unlikely that you'll hear praise for companies responsible for overseeing their loans. Now a report issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau confirms what many borrowers have known all along - the Read the article

5 Reasons To Embrace Income Based Student Loan Repayment Options

If you've got federal student loan debt, making the monthly payments can feel like an exercise in futility. With low post-graduate incomes relative to the amount of debt they carry, it's no wonder. The average class of 2015 graduate with Read the article

Government Tool Provides Information on Earnings and Debt After Graduation

Choosing a college just got a little easier, thanks to a revamped government tool that provides information on what former students of each school might earn, how much debt they leave with, and what percentage can repay their federal Read the article


The Ultimate Guide to The Bankruptcy Discharge

When you're in debt, the last thing you want to do is file for bankruptcy. Between the costs and the general stress of having to confront the stunning realization that Read the article

Get Organized To Keep on Top of Student Loan Payments

  People have no idea how much they owe on their student loans, and that's a major reason why default rates as so high. A December 2014 study released by the Read the article

6 Steps to Preventing a Default Judgment

When you're served with a lawsuit for a credit card or other consumer debt, you're like a deer frozen in the headlights. Maybe you don't realize you're being sued. Perhaps Read the article

Lessons From the Chase Bank Credit Card Robosigning Scandal

Chase Bank agreed in July 2015 to pay more than $200 million to settle claims made by 48 states as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that it sold faulty credit card Read the article

What Are the True Costs of Filing for Bankruptcy?

No one expects to be over their head in debt and thinking about bankruptcy. But sometimes there's no other way out of your debt problems, and the only way to Read the article

Keeping Your Car Through Bankruptcy – Good Idea, or Budget Buster?

My clients who are looking at bankruptcy as a way to get out of debt worry about their car. Is it a good idea to get rid of it in Read the article