After Bankruptcy

After Bankruptcy

When you’re in debt, you want to break free of the burden of those bills as quickly as possible.

But once the debt settles you need to understand what happens next. Knowing the lay of the land after bankruptcy before your case is filed – in fact, before you even decide to file for bankruptcy – is a great idea because it helps you make the right choice.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of our best articles about what your world looks like after bankruptcy. Read through them and let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed.

Will Paying Debts After Your Bankruptcy Discharge Give You More Than Peace Of Mind?: After your bankruptcy discharge, the thought of paying debts may cross your mind. Be smart and read this first.

Can A Bankruptcy Discharge Be Revoked?: Your bankruptcy discharge can be revoked, or taken back, under certain circumstances. Here are the landmines to avoid.

Bankruptcy And The Get Rich Quick Mentality: You filed for bankruptcy, now you want to move as fast as possible. Slow down, OK?

What Happens After Bankruptcy: After bankruptcy, there are some steps you can take to make sure that what happens in the future is better than what brought you into debt.

How Your Mortgage Shows Up On Your Credit Report After Bankruptcy: After bankruptcy, your credit report should accurately reflect the discharge of debts. How about that mortgage?

Can I Transfer My House To Another Person After Filing Bankruptcy?: Bankruptcy lawyer Jay Fleischman explains what’s involved when you want to transfer your house to another person after filing bankruptcy.

Of Inaccuracies And Confusion In The World Of Post-Bankruptcy Credit Reporting: Your credit report after bankruptcy should reflect that you’re out of debt and also be accurate with respect to pre-filing matters.

Credit After Bankruptcy And The 5-Year Commitment: If you want excellent credit after bankruptcy, remember this is a marathon rather than a sprint.

5 Simple Steps To Getting Your Car Title After Bankruptcy: After bankruptcy, your car title should be in your hands. Here is how to obtain it in 5 simple steps.

The Truth About Those Post-Bankruptcy Offers Of Credit Repair: After your bankruptcy is finished, you’ll get offers for credit repair. How much of it do you really need?

3 Easy Steps To Buying A House After Bankruptcy: After bankruptcy, buying a house isn’t so hard once you know the 3 easy steps to making your goal a reality.

Should You Be Putting Money Into The Bank After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?: After Chapter 7 bankruptcy, is putting money into the bank a good idea or plain crazy? Will someone take it? Find out.

Why A Short Sale After Bankruptcy Just Isn’t Worth The Hassle: After bankruptcy, a short sale may be tempting. Whether it makes a difference depends on your situation.

Replacing Your Old Car After Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: After filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your car breaks down. Can you replace it without the trustee taking it? Learn here.

Bankruptcy Discharged – Now What?: Bankruptcy discharged? Find out what you should be doing now that it’s all behind you.

Student Loans After Bankruptcy – What Are The Odds?: Student loans and bankruptcy have an impact on one another. Will bankruptcy hinder your chance of getting new loans? Learn more here.

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