Court To Wells Fargo – OK To Freeze Accounts Of Chapter 7 Debtors

wells fargo

If you're filing for bankruptcy, move your money out of Wells Fargo before you file - even if you don't owe them any money. It's long been the practice of Wells Fargo to place what they call a "temporary administrative pledge" on bank accounts when the account holder files for bankruptcy. At that point, Wells Fargo will contact the Chapter 7 trustee to determine whether the funds are exempt or should be turned over to the trustee. If the trustee tells Wells Fargo that the funds are exempt ...

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Bankruptcy Dismissed – Now What?

dismissed bankruptcy case

Bankruptcy offers protection from your creditors and a chance to achieve your desirable outcome. But when dismissal looms, your future may not look so bright. When you file for bankruptcy, you get the benefit of knowing that your creditors can't take any action against you. In return for the protections of the bankruptcy laws, you've got certain responsibilities. Fail to live up to your end of the bargain and you may find your case kicked out of court. That's dismissal - getting your ...

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What It Really Means To Surrender Property In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Telling the bankruptcy court that you're surrendering property in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn't mean it's not yours anymore. When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you complete a document titled "Statement of Intention." That document outlines for the court what you intend to do with the property that's secured by debts. Think mortgages and car loans. You can indicate that you're going to keep the property and pay the debt, keep the property and pay off the debt through the bankruptcy ...

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6 Steps To Take When You Leave A Creditor Off Your Bankruptcy Schedules

Update letters  (clipping path included)


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How To Stay In Bankruptcy – Even After You Die

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Death may be the end of the road for many, but if someone is in bankruptcy then the case can still go on. What if your loved one has filed for bankruptcy and dies before the case is over? Does the bankruptcy case disappear, or does it continue? How does it affect the administration of the deceased person's estate? What if it's a joint bankruptcy case - and the other person is still alive? Nobody ever said death was easy ... If The Debtor Dies During Chapter 7 Bankruptcy If ...

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How To Track Your Bankruptcy Case Online

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When you file for bankruptcy, you're at the mercy of the court and your lawyer. Why not make it easier to get up-to-the-moment information? Bankruptcy is a court proceeding, and it's a public one. Court documents are filed electronically, and the public has access to those records. That's good news for you because it means you can get information without having to go through your lawyer. Public Access to Court Electronic Records PACER, an acronym for Public Access to Court Electronic ...

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