Recently I was invited to join a panel of some of the leading personal finance voices on the Money Mastermind Show.

The show, a weekly roundtable on personal finance issues, centered around student loan options. I was lucky to lend my voice to the show, which also included the following regular panelists:

  • Glen Craig, personal finance writer and founder of Free From Broke.
  • Kyle Prevost, freelance personal finance author and co-author of the book, More Money for Beer and Textbooks.
  • Miranda Marquit, a freelance journalist and professional blogger specializing in personal finance, small business, and investing topics. Miranda writes at Planting Money Seeds.
  • Peter Anderson, the founder of Bible Money Matters, one of the the Internet’s top Christian personal finance blogs.
  • Tom Drake, the founder of Canadian Finance Blog, one of Canada’s top personal finance blogs.

We had a great conversation, and the time flew by. Here’s the video – you should watch it (you’ll also get a glimpse of my favorite piece of artwork in the background).