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I've been a consumer protection lawyer since 1995, working to help people end their bill problems. I'm a faculty member at the Student Loan Law Workshop, a nationally recognized speaker, and a long-time member of both the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and National Association of Consumer Advocates.

Who Is National Collegiate Student Loan Trust?

If you’ve been sued for a private student loan by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, there’s a good chance you have no idea who they are. Here’s what I know, and what you need to know.

Have a private student loan?

Chances are pretty good that National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is involved.

This entity isn’t a lender,

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What the 2016 Democratic Party Platform Says About Student Loans

The 2016 Democratic Party’s draft platform has some major wins for those struggling with student loan debt. Whether you end up supporting the Democrats or Republicans in the 2016 presidential election, it’s useful to know where each side stands on the issues of concern to you.

Here’s what the Democrats have to say:

Democrats will allow those

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Here’s When You Shouldn’t File for Bankruptcy to Discharge Your Student Loans

Contrary to news reports, there are times when you can wipe out student loans in a bankruptcy case.

To do so, you’re required to not only file for bankruptcy but also to file a separate lawsuit and prove that the debt amounts to an undue hardship. If you can meet the standard required under the bankruptcy

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Why You Should Always File Your Tax Returns Before Bankruptcy

A few years ago I had a client who needed to file for bankruptcy. He was a talented musician who’d had a few good years but when tastes in music shifted he was left behind.

Now he was working an entry level job at 56 years old just to make ends meet. And he was deep

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The Bible on Debt and The Morality of Bankruptcy

Let’s talk about the morality of being in – and being unable to get out of – debt.

There’s no clause in a credit card contract that speaks to morality or ethics. There are bad people who have credit cards and pay them on time.

There are also good people who can’t make their payments on time.

This is,

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4 Surprising Changes You’ll See After Bankruptcy

What does life feel like after bankruptcy?

When you file for bankruptcy, it’s usually because there’s no better option for you to get your finances under control. Your credit’s shot, your phone’s ringing off the hook and the mail is piling up.

You sit down with your bankruptcy attorney and plot out a course for completing

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The Inside Scoop on Your Credit Report

You’ve been told time and time again the your credit report is an important part of your financial life. You’re bombarded with messages telling you to check your credit report regularly so you can be sure it’s correct and updated properly.

Sounds good, right? Having a correct and updated document that’s important to your finances is

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Corinthian Found Guilty of Deceiving Students, Paving the Way for Loan Forgiveness

Judge Gary Feinerman of U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on Wednesday ordered Corinthian Colleges to pay $531 million to former students of Everest, WyoTech and Heald for deceiving students about potential career prospects.

The lawsuit, filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, accused the company of “fudging the numbers” and hiring its own graduates to boost

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The Ultimate Guide to The Bankruptcy Discharge

When you’re in debt, the last thing you want to do is file for bankruptcy. Between the costs and the general stress of having to confront the stunning realization that you’ve got nowhere left to turn, the solution just doesn’t feel like much of a solution.

But when you think about it, bankruptcy is like powering

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How to Get the Federal Government to Pay Your Student Loans

You’ve heard about certain jobs that allow you to qualify for student loan forgiveness after a period of repayment. But how about just having the federal government pay your federal student loans for you?

No joke. Under a little known program called the Federal Student Loan Repayment Program, some agencies will actually pay your loans for

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