Operation Strike Back – Mortgage Fraud Seminar to be held in Chicago

Operation Strike Back – Mortgage Fraud Seminar to be held in Chicago

By |May 19th, 2011|

North Carolina attorney extraordinaire O. Max Gardner is teaching a two day intensive in Chicago on June 18 & 19th.  The two day intensive will be invaluable toorforeclosure defense attorneys.  Max and others will be teaching how to attack the secured status of the Trustee of residential mortgage backed securitized trusts and what servicers have done with the homeowner’s payments.  The mortgage servicer’s standing to foreclose must be challenged!

The intensive will give one a thorough understanding of how securitization is supposed to work and then determine whether the proper procedures were followed for your client’s mortgage.   You will learn how to identify false documents; deconstruct an MSP life of loan transactional history and create a comprehensible worksheet so that the Judge can understand; learn how to prove servicers wrong when they are sticking to their story; everything you want to know about MERS; and much more.

If you are interested in attending the event or one of Max Gardner’s bootcamps, check out www.maxbankruptcybootcamp.com

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