6 Things That Won’t Happen When You Get Out Of Debt (And 1 Thing That Will)

There are things I haven’t told you about the world after you get out of debt.

That nobody else has told you is at once a source of vindication and shame. I’m not the only one who’s left out the tidbits, so that’s good – but someone should have clued you in.

Rather than let it drag on even longer, I thought I’d give you a quick rundown. This way you’ll never again be able to point your finger at me and claim I was somehow untruthful.

  1. You won’t be better looking. When you get out of debt, the years won’t fall off you like fairy snowflakes. You won’t be taller, nor will people swoon as you approach (unless they are already doing so). That said, once you’re out of debt you will probably be able to afford a haircut. You won’t be paying back those overdue debts anymore either, so you can start saving up to replace those threadbare jeans and worn-out shoes.
  2. You won’t be in better shape. Your belly won’t shrink, your butt won’t grow (or shrink), and those six-pack abs will remain out of reach. But without continually juggling overdue bills, you may have money left over to eat healthy food rather than cheap, unhealthy packaged meals.
  3. You won’t be healthier. If you’ve got high cholesterol, diabetes, ingrown toenails, cavities or any other health issues then I’ve got terrible news for you. Once you’re out of debt, those problems aren’t going away. You will, however, be better able to afford critical medication, dental care, and doctor visits.
  4. You won’t get smarter. Sorry, but your intelligence is limited by genetics and history. Don’t expect to solve a Rubik’s Cube unless you were able to do it before (don’t be sad – I can’t solve it either). You will, however, be able to afford books for school and pleasure. Taking a trip to the movie theater (for a documentary, of course) will be easier as well.
  5. You won’t have more fun in bed. You will, however, be better able to afford to replace those old pillows and mattress with something that won’t leave you with an achy neck in the morning.
  6. You won’t be a better parent or spouse. Your child will still act up at the worst possible times, and your spouse will not magically remember to handle their part of the household chores. You will, however, be better rested and less stressed because you won’t be worried about how you’re going to pay all the bills.

But one thing is for sure …

Once your debts are behind you, you’ll be able to focus more on yourself as well as your loved ones and your future. What you do with that freedom is up to you.

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About the Author:

I've been a consumer protection lawyer since 1995, working to help people end their bill problems. I'm a faculty member at the Student Loan Law Workshop, a nationally recognized speaker, and a long-time member of both the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and National Association of Consumer Advocates.