At Last – Some Good News For Student Loan Borrowers

Your ticket to a better future meant taking on some heavy student loan debt, but you figured it would be alright in the long run.

Nobody told you how much you’d be paying, and for how long. Then, when the bills started coming in things got more confusing.

If you’re struggling with student loan problems and are looking for help, you’re in the right place.

My name is Jay S. Fleischman, and I’m a student loan attorney. I help people just like you deal with their student loan issues so they can live a better life.

  • Heard about those student loan forgiveness programs?
  • Getting sued for your student loans and don’t know what to do?
  • Wondering if bankruptcy can help you?
  • Thinking about settling your student loans but don’t know if it’s worth it – or even possible?

How I Can Help You

  • Stop harassing phone calls from student loan debt collectors
  • Avoid wage garnishment, bank account freezes and tax refund offsets
  • Defend lawsuits for student loan debts
  • Get out of default on your federal student loans
  • Lower your monthly federal student loan payments or interest rate
  • Eliminate some or all of the collection fees on your student loan
  • Help you qualify for student loan forgiveness

Get The Student Loan Lawyer Who Teaches Other Lawyers How To Do It

I was a student loan lawyer long before before most people ever heard the term.

I’m the first student loan lawyer practicing in both Los Angeles and New York (you can find out more about me by visiting my Google profile).

I’m not only a graduate of the inaugural session of the prestigious Student Loan Law Workshop, I’m also a regular speaker at the event.

Teaching other attorneys how to practice in the field of student loan law means I not only understand the complex regulations that govern student loan law, but I am also uniquely able to explain those tough concepts clearly and simply.

student loan law workshop graduate in los angeles and new york

If you’ve got questions about student loans, read the information here to learn more.

Then, if you live in either New York or California, complete the form below or call 866-787-8078 x710 to set up a time for us to talk by phone about your situation.

The charge is only $100, and you’ll walk away with a full analysis of your situation – including how you may be able to help yourself without a student loan lawyer. If we decide to work together, your consultation fee will be credited towards your legal fees.

During our conversation I’ll do my best to explain all of your student loan options, and how to get back in control over your student loan issues.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dealing with federal and private student loans.  We can talk about your situation during a no-obligation phone consultation.  Just click the big button below to get things going.

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