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Growing Old Gracefully With The Help Of The Bankruptcy Court

retirement accounts in chapter 7 bankruptcyYou don’t want to get old, do you?  And if you are old then you don’t want to get older, right?  Thankfully, if you’re filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy then you don’t need to worry about the process of aging being more difficult than it already is.

That’s because you don’t probably don’t need to worry about your retirement accounts being taken in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

By | March 6th, 2012|

Why Making Too Much Money May Not Keep You From Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

chapter 7 bankruptcy above median incomeShe was over her head in debt, drowning in collection calls and the threat of lawsuits.

The problem, she’d been told by another lawyer, was that she made too much money to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  He hadn’t done any calculations to make that determination, dismissing her after hearing her gross income.

That wasn’t the problem.

The real issue was that there was some lawyer who claimed to know something about Chapter 7 bankruptcy and yet giving out inaccurate information.

By | March 5th, 2012|

Why Your Estranged Spouse Can Keep You Out Of Chapter 7

The marriage didn’t work out, so you got separated. It happens, right? Not a fun thing but, “til death do us part,” often doesn’t hold true.

Financially, you did what you had to do. There was an agreement for alimony and child support, and the payments are going as intended.

Still, those debts are piling up faster than dirty socks on the floor (which is one of the reasons the marriage didn’t last, but that’s another story). You’re thinking about bankruptcy, and hoping to get into a Chapter 7 to wipe out the debts.

Not so fast. Those alimony and child support payments may be a problem.

By | March 2nd, 2012|

How Bedroom Secrets Can Derail Your Bankruptcy Case

bankruptcy discharge denial fraudWhen you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy there are a ton of disclosures you need to make. I call it the quid pro quo of bankruptcy – in order to get the protection of the court in Chapter 7, you’ve got to be prepared to give up information. It may be a pain, but overall it’s a fair trade-off.

But what if you play fast and loose with the bankruptcy court? Maybe you don’t reveal a few bucks of “under the table” income or that lovely Persian rug that’s in the living room?

You could end up walking out of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy without a discharge. What’s more, it could happen without any action on the part of the bankruptcy court or your Chapter 7 trustee.

By | October 7th, 2011|

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy After Denial of Discharge

Denial of Bankruptcy Discharge

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is rife with pitfalls, and there are a number of ways to get your discharge denied.  But what happens if you need to file after the denial,

By | March 2nd, 2010|