Divorce, Bankruptcy And Houses In New York

divorce bankruptcy and the house

Divorce and bankruptcy often go together.  But when the bankruptcy comes after dissolution of your marriage, will the transfer of the house to your former spouse be a problem? I was sitting in front of a man who had gone through everything bad in his life, and all in a very short span of time. First, he'd lost his job of 15 years.  A mid-level New York executive in a field that favored the young, his prospects were bleak.  But he kept plugging away, working towards a new career in an ...

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Free Online Bankruptcy Seminar This Wednesday

Sorry I didn't get this out to you earlier, but the time slot just opened up and I jumped on it. This Wednesday - March 3, 2010 - at 2:00pm I'm going to be doing a live online seminar about bankruptcy. It's sponsored by the folks over at avvo.com (a terrific source of information about lawyers, you should take a look at it) so there's zero charge. Zip. Zada. Nothing at all. I'll be going over some of the basics of bankruptcy, then I'm opening up the floor to take questions. They tell me ...

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